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Service design



 Design Service

We’ll design your service

It’s not enough to provide a service, cross your fingers and hope that your customers engage with it. You need to begin by finding out what your customers really need so you can create something they’ll love.


We will:

  • Understand what you want to get out of your service

  • Conduct user research to understand what your customers want to get out of your service

  • Map your business and user needs against your current systems and processes to identify any gaps and pain points

  • Create user personas and design a service user journey that takes into account all business and user needs

  • Advise on solutions and develop a plan to help you implement your service for the very best user experience


Define Service

We’ll define your tech environment

It’s so easy to get caught in the cycle of building and delivering a service without stopping to understand whether your tech environment is actually working with you or against you. 


If your tech environment isn’t set up for your specific requirements, you can lose time and money, and can leave your team feeling frustrated and unproductive. It’s essential to make sure your tech environment meets your business and your customers’ needs. And not just for now, for the future, too. 


But your tech environment isn’t just about hardware and software - it’s about members of your technical team as well as those that interact with your tech team on a regular basis. Not only do you need the right kit and the right tools, but you need to make sure that your technical and non-technical teams can work together effectively.


We will:

  • Identify your requirements for performance, maintainability and scalability

  • Observe your team to understand how they interact and communicate with your service and with each other

  • Research and recommend cloud-based solutions, software, and even hardware that’ll work for your business and your customers

  • Create bespoke tools and products to support your service and your teams (like UML, sketch notes and story cards)

  • Facilitate communication and collaboration between your technical and your non-technical teams


Streamline Service

We’ll streamline your processes

Streamlining your processes will allow you to deliver a better, quicker and more reliable service to your customers. But before you start chopping and changing, you need to understand where changes need to be made and how you’re going to do it.


We will:

  • Analyse your current processes alongside your people, your tech and your systems

  • Identify any problems you’re facing as a business and figure out the root-cause

  • Create new processes that overcome any problems you’re facing, make you more efficient, and set you on the right track to achieving your business goals

  • Identify gaps between your current processes and the new ones we’ve created - those gaps are where changes need to be made

  • Put together an action plan to help you implement any necessary changes across your business



We’ll train your people

Our training packages combine our innovative business analysis models, content design, technical architecture and change management. We’ll help your own BAs prepare for any challenge thrown their way.


We tailor our training packages specifically for each client. We first help you figure out the areas where your team need business analysis support, then design a programme that will help them get the most out of our expertise.

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